You can find several guides on how to write a bullet journal, but most of the ideas and inspiration are lost due to the complicated layout. The trouble is that most of the previous guides don’t tell you to follow your own creativity and express yourself. While a lot of […]

In my article titled The Bullet Journal Inspiration Layout, I talk about a system to brainstorm ideas on your paper and quickly jot them down. I also talk about the daily section of your journal and what you can do with it. This article talks about making a “Daily” section […]

We all have ideas that are not ideal for Bullet Journal inspiration layout. The main reason for this is the fact that the ‘idea’ is just a tool in which to write. The better idea is the one that allows you to get right into the writing and let it […]

If you’re ready to get your daily exercises, work habits, and moods on the road for Bullet Journal Inspiration Layout Week, you should be using it as a guide. If not, you might find yourself straying into some mischief that you’d rather forget about. This is the first week of […]

Bullet journal inspiration layout ideas can be found all over the Internet. However, it would be best to spend a little time thinking about which idea to use, and how the notebook will look once you have finished it. Notes should be placed on the pages of the notebook, at […]

The best thing about bullet journaling is that you can customize your own layout. You are not limited to one template as each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. All you need to do is create your own to suit your personality and the needs of your daily activities. […]

Life-changing! Today I discovered that the trend in music and media is towards combining elements of free-form improvisation with the use of bullet journal layouts. As the video star Beyonce so eloquently explained, “People want to be more, not less.” If you’re a music lover, maybe you’ve seen, read or […]

So you’ve come to the end of this article because you want to know how to get started with bullet journaling but have no idea where to start? Fear not! A few bullet journal layout templates that you might want to consider are the MLT, or many monthly lists. These […]

In bullet journaling, layouts are an important part of the journaling system. While a good layout can make your journaling easier to follow, you will want to choose a layout that best suits you and your lifestyle. Here are some tips for choosing a layout. Layout templates have become an […]

For those that don’t know, Bullet Journaling is the practice of keeping an organized and structured information flow on your information gathering, research, and writing at the same time. The beauty of a Bullet Journal is that it keeps this flow in mind to help you stay on track with […]